about us 

Espresso, Cappuccino, or maybe a Latte?

We never met a coffee or an animation flavour we didn’t like but given the choice we prefer to work in 2D Harmony, Flash and AfterEffects. But don’t get it wrong we do much more than that. We also love blending our own creative hybrids to give your project it’s own unique flavour. We combine 2D with 3D animation for a silky, smooth infusion or live-action and 2D animation for a fun, frothy brew or we’ll mix stop motion with 3D and….well, you get the idea. The combinations are endless and we love to experiment to discover new looks. So what’ll it be?


Pixels & Coffee… Our House Blend

What drove two talented artists Mathew Huerto and Sharmil Halaldeen to start their own animation studio? Sure it was a chance to set their own course, be their own bosses and realize the dream of business ownership. But it was really the relentless commute to various Toronto studios over the previous 10 years that drove them to set up shop in their home town of Cambridge, Ontario. They wanted less car time and more creative time. Graduates of Sheridan College’s animation program, they’ve spent years honing their craft on numerous animated series, commercials and short films. Mathew is an in-demand animator while Sharmil’s specialty is compositing and special FXs. Their credits include Stanley Dynamic, Camp Lakebottom, Creative Galaxy, Wild Kratts, Arthur, and Hotel Transylvania series. Sharmil’s short film My Hometown was short listed for an Oscar in 2011. The film was narrated by Yoko Ono and Sharmil has promised never to sing like her.

With Pixels & Coffee, Mat and Shar have assembled a team of experienced artists and crafts people second to none. Versatility, quality, passion and barista skills, are their keys to success.

“the gram”

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