Mathew Huerto

co-founder | Partner

Mathew Huerto describes himself as leaning toward the pixels side of Pixels & Coffee. Well, if that means art then he’s right. With a father, brother and cousins in visual arts it’s kind of the family business. graduating from sheridan college’s world renowned animation program he’s worked on over 20 + animated productions such as Hotel Transylvania the Series(ytv/teletoon/treehouse), Wild kratts(pbs), creative galaxy(amazon), Fugget about it(teletoon/hulu), camp lake bottom(teletoon, disney xd), Arthur(pbs), crash canyon(teletoon), numb chucks(ytv) and the list goes on.

Mat brings a breadth of experience to Pixels & Coffee, the company he co-founded with Sharmil Haladeen. Aside from being an in demand animator mathew has also supervised and assisted animation direction on several smaller shorts, explainer videos, trailers and short form digital content. Sure he’s animated on a couple dozen animated productions but Mat’s interests and expertise also lie in the place that art and technology intersect. In a business that has adapted technology at its core, this is a good place to be.  Mat combines art and management with hardware and software to create the most delicious digital latte you’ve ever tasted.   Try one, you’ll be hooked!