Waterloo region’s newest animation studio


Where are you when you’re in-between Toronto’s hipster art’s and entertainment scene and Waterloo’s brainy high tech hub?

Simple, you’re in Cambridge Ontario, home of Pixels & Coffee Media, the perfect spot for an animation studio that fuels its artistry with the latest digital technology. Oh and there’s some sweet java to boot.

What’s Brewing:

Whether you’re looking for a French press, a long slow pour over or an old school percolator, we offer solutions to all your animation needs. We provide end-to-end production services from concept design through final delivery. If that’s not what you had in mind we’d be happy to provide specific project components including design, rigging, layout & background, animation, compositing & visual effects. We can scale our team to meet the size and demands of your project.

As a craft studio, we thrive on creativity and we crave variety. We produce everything from simple motion graphics to full character animation, for corporate, broadcast or digital distribution including:

  • Demos, trailers, commercials and visual style development for a wide variety of projects

  • Shorts, webisodes, pilots, specials and one-offs for broadcast or digital

  • Longform series production – design, rigging, layout & background, animation & compositing